Work hard, play harder. How to improve your golf swing.

My golf swing did not get this way overnight‼️ 

I always hear people tell me that I have such a great golf swing - how did I get such a “great golf swing” well here is your answer!

I have been playing since I was 5 years old. I started to play in tournaments when I was 8 years old. I would go to school and immediately after school, I’d be at the driving range or golf course. 

As I got older I started taking lessons - and practicing what I learned on my own when I wasn’t at school. 

I watched many swing videos of Tiger Woods, Ernie Els and Jim McLean golf tips. My mom would record my swing on a huge camera

(Iphone’s didn’t exist until I was almost done with high school!)

My life became GOLF - I would eat, breathe and sleep GOLF! I practiced at home, and until the sunset after school. I would practice 2-8 hours a day on the range and on the course.

I worked VERY hard at it and my mother pushed me to persevere through it all. If you want a “great golf swing” YOU will make it happen.

Take lessons and practice what you learn. You will need HARD WORK ETHIC. Taking lessons won’t fix your swing if you do not practice!!! You need someone to be your cheerleader - well that person is YOU and only YOU can put in the work to improve your game and golf swing!


-The Intuitive Golfer

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