What to expect in a remote Intuitive Golf Healing session

Benefits of remote Intuitive Golf Healing Sessions:

  1. Efficient/Cost effective - avoid spending time & money driving to a session

  2. Comfortable environment - receive a session in the comfort of your own home or sacred space.

Here are a few things to expect in your own remote Intuitive Golf Healing session:

  • We address and spend the first part of your session compiling a list of the top 3-5 golf mental blocks that you feel you may be experiencing before any healing session takes place. For example, it may be something like "I get nervous standing over 3 foot putts"

  • Once we figure out the priority of your most pressing mental game blocks - I create a personalized practice routine that you can use at the range and carry out onto the golf course.

  • I give you a list of affirmations and creative ways to use them on & off the course.

We then spend the second half of your remote session with a distant Reiki session that cleanses your energy while clearing any mental blocks. You simply find a comfortable spot in your sacred space and lie down or sit (with your eyes closed) relaxing music is optional - the only thing you need to do is be open to receiving the healing!

Benefits of a distant Reiki session:

  • Reduces: Stress, Anxiety, Surgery Discomfort, Depression, Test Anxiety

  • Increases: Personal Growth, Deep Relaxation, Creativity, Healing, Peace

  • Improves: Clarity, Relationships, Focus Dissolves: Energy Blocks

  • Promotes: Natural Balance Between Mind, Body and Spirit

  • Accelerates: Body’s Self Healing Ability, Healing of Past, Present and Future Events, Healing of Energetic Ties that are out of Alignment.

  • Clears: Subconscious blocks that sabotage you.

  • Raises: Your vibration to be more in line with love, the divine and your highest purpose.

After the healing session is finished - you will receive a reading and/or any messages I may have received during your session.

This is what a remote Intuitive Golf Healing session looks like on my end - all done from the comfort of my own home‼️

As they say “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”






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