Less Perfection, More Authenticity

Today's #ThursdayThought is "Less Perfection, More Authenticity"

I was inspired by my recent round at Bernardo Heights Country Club with this topic. I played 18 holes with two women who golf on average maybe a few times a month. What got my attention was that they were both complementing me on literally every shot I hit that day - even the ones I did not think were so good. As a professional golf instructor, I was in my head trying to critique each outcome of each shot. What I realized, was that the reaction of each shot that I believed to not be "perfect" was all in my head.

My tee shot here is on hole #9 at Bernardo Heights CC. I hit a 7 iron from 132 yards - there was some wind in my face so I naturally grabbed my 140 club to accommodate for the wind. I ended up chunking this tee shot - but the ball was right on target and landed a few feet short of the green. Again, the two women in my group both said "Nice shot!"

My take away from this experience is that your action and response to your shot results should always be positive - no matter the outcome and focus on the next swing.

Swing thought mantra: "Not every shot will be PERFECTLY executed, but I am content with the outcome and focus my mind with the intention of being OK with my results"

Keep calm & swing on

-The Intuitive Golfer

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