Finding health & balance in your life - Connect with your root chakra

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

How do you find health & balance in your life?

Reflect on how you dance with your actions, thoughts and your feelings. I personally spend a lot of time thinking a lot in my head. In order to balance my energy and get out of my head - I practice grounding myself with my root chakra.

The root chakra is the first chakra in the body’s chakra system. This chakra has an earth energy, it’s associated with the feeling of being grounded and safe. The root chakra is a vibrant red color, it's also known as Muladhara chakra because of its feminine energy. Your root chakra is the first of the seven chakras and it can be found at the base of your spine.The root chakra is where we ground ourselves into the earth and anchor our energy into the world.

4 simple ways to connect with your root chakra:

  1. Spend time outdoors - Golfing, Going to the beach, Parks, Hiking, etc. Practice grounding your bare feet with the earth's energy!

  2. Get a pedicure/foot massage - Taking care of your feet is very important! We stand and walk on our two feet every day - making sure your feet feel and look good is connected with your root chakra.

  3. Grounding Meditation- Sit on the floor or plant your feet to the ground while meditating. Imagine roots or a chord from the earth bringing up the earth's energy through your feet/legs & remember to breathe!

  4. Yin Yoga - My personal favorite grounding Yoga is Yin Yoga. In Yin, you practice holding the poses for 2-5 minutes at a time. It’s also great for increasing mobility, circulation, and regulating energy flow throughout your body!

Let your roots & branches be aligned with your heart's longings ♥

-The Intuitive Golfer

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