5 ways to Glow from the Inside Out

When everything in your life is BALANCED & is working as it should, you will feel happy, satisfied, and complete inside & out ❤️

How do you maintained a balanced lifestyle⁉️

For me it’s a blend of these 5️⃣ rituals:

  1. Meditation 10-30 mins every day or every other day (Sometimes just closing my eyes for a minute or two and focusing on my breath helps when I can't carve out the time on busier days)

  2. Yoga 2-4 times a week (A combination of Yin Yoga, Vinyasa & Foundational Yoga)

  3. Practicing Reiki on myself & Receiving Reiki/Healing sessions from other practitioners. (Even healers need healing too. As an Empath and someone who is easily affected by other people's energy around me - Reiki has been the #1 thing that has helped me balance my energy and keep my emotions and thoughts aligned with my physical body)

  4. Spending time in nature (Reading a book or Journaling. When in doubt, practice journaling encouraging words. You can come up with affirmations to say to yourself or write down)

  5. Staying hydrated (I drink lots of H20, Coconut water & take Echinacea pills daily to help boost my immune system)

Even if you feel like you are having the worst day of your life, remember that everything happens for a reason. The universe will never throw a challenge at you that you can’t handle. If you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed, just remember to breathe!

Love & Light,


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