3 tips to be in the present moment; mind, body & swing.

When was the last time you were 100% present on the golf course?

Let's be honest, when was the last time that you actually golfed without looking at your phone? Without worrying about breaking 80? Without worrying about work? Without trying to create the perfect Instagram worthy post? Without trying to plan what you were going to do after the 18th hole?

Below are 3 simple tips to help you be in the present moment; mind, body & swing:

  1. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

  • Start to deepen your breath into the low belly, focus on inhaling through the nose, and exhaling out through the mouth for the first 3 rounds of breath to clear any tension in the physical body. Seal the lips shut and on your next inhale, send the breath up through your energetic spine, into the lungs and chest, and into the crown of your head, slowly exhale out through the nose. Focus on softening the shoulders away from your ears on each exhale and grounding your energy into the feet and into the earth.

*You can do this breathing exercise at home and create a 5-10 minute meditation practice before leaving for the golf course, at the driving range while warming up or even on the tee box while waiting for your turn. Repeat this mindful breathing exercise as many times as you'd like*

2. Put your cell phone on do not disturb/silent mode.

  • You can check non-urgent emails, phone calls, and texts after the round is over. Create that container on the golf course where you are energetically disconnected from any outside distractions. Become fully connected to your body, mind & swing and enjoy what mother nature has to offer; fresh air, beautiful scenery, sunshine, and conversate with any golf buddies you may be playing or partnered with. Yes, you can take that Instagram worthy photo, but refrain from posting it during your round so you are not constantly checking your comments/likes during your round.

3. Remove any expectations.

  • Bogeyed the first hole? Lost a golf ball? Didn't make that birdie putt? It's OK! Stop putting any pressure or expectations to achieve a certain score or outcome. Take it one swing, one shot, one breath at a time. Swing and let it all go with the flow, do not force that extra 10 yards off the tee box, it will throw off your rhythm. The more you are in the sweet spot of your present moment, there will be more possibilities for the energy in your mind & body to create the desired outcome naturally, without forcing it.

Relax, be present, and remember to breathe and have fun!

-Kimberly Harrington, The Intuitive Golfer

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